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Support Raising


We rely on the Biblical principle that the Church and its members should provide support for missionaries through finances, prayer, and encouragement as they serve the Kingdom of God. The Church is a valuable partner to its missionaries. As foreign financing dwindles, the African Church, through their financial and spiritual support, is taking up the challenge to provide people with God’s life-changing Word in a language that is understandable.

One of the biggest challenges facing people who want to work for Wycliffe Africa is raising financial support. Since the job of Bible translation is not a profit making venture, there is no income from which we can pay salaries. As missionaries, our staff members meet their financial needs through churches and individuals who financially support them on a monthly basis. Wycliffe Africa sets a goal for the amount a person needs to raise in consultation with their church. Each member of Wycliffe Africa must have a team of donors and prayer partners for their ministry. Each month the member receives only what is sent in by their donor team. As the donors give monthly, the donations collectively make up the member’s monthly salary.

If you are thinking about raising your own support, you might wonder if it will provide for all your needs and if it it is reliable. Living on regular monthly support provided by a team of churches and individuals can meet your financial needs, and can be relied upon. It’s a venture requiring prayer and faith. It’s hard work to build this team and can take 6 months to a year, but once it is in place, you can enter the ministry into which God has called you.


God might meet your needs in several ways.


  • Your church (and possibly several other churches) might be able to take responsibility for you financially on a monthly basis.
  • Friends and family often help provide a portion of the finances you need, either as a one-time gift or on a regular basis.
  • Those who are praying often want to be involved, even if this is only on a small scale.
  • Western churches are often interested in building partnerships with African churches. Although such relationships involve more than finances, they often include such help.

Our experience shows that God uses many different avenues to meet the financial needs of those he calls. If God tells you to be involved, it is your job to obey. It is his job to provide for your needs, and he will! God has provided for thousands of Wycliffe missionaries worldwide for six decades. He is able!