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Why We Do Bible Translation


Translation takes the meaning of a message and transfers it from one language to another. Just as we can pour water from a pitcher into differently shaped glasses without the water changing, so we can translate into different languages without the message changing.

Because we are dealing with the Bible, which is inspired and holy, fidelity to the original is crucial. And because we are dealing with human beings, and we want them to understand the message, sounding natural is also important.

The goal of Bible translation is for people everywhere, speakers of every language, to gain access to Scriptures in the language they know best. We hope individuals will be drawn to God and that churches will be nourished and strengthened through this priceless resource.

Translation is like the clasping of two hands: on one hand, translators need to understand the meaning of the source text; on the other, they need to grasp the target language. When the two are put together, the meaning of the source is beautifully expressed in the target.