Frequently Asked Questions

One of the biggest challenges facing people who want to work for Wycliffe Africa is raising financial support. Since the job of Bible translation is not a profit-making venture, there is no income from which we can pay salaries. As missionaries, our staff members meet their financial needs through churches and individuals who financially support them on a monthly basis. Wycliffe Africa sets a goal for the amount a person needs to raise in consultation with their church. Each member of Wycliffe Africa must have a team of donors and prayer partners for their ministry. Each month the member receives only what is sent in by their donor team. As the donors give monthly, the donations collectively make up the member’s monthly salary.

First, look at our Get Involved page for more information about what is involved in joining. Next, complete our Preliminary Questionnaire and e-mail it to our personnel department. You will hear back soon about what further steps you should take.

Choose a way that interests you:

Pray – There are many interesting and creative ways to pray as a group or individual. Prayer can make the biggest difference!

Give – Our members each need financial support. You could make a difference in the life of someone God has called to Bible translation. Your financial support directly helps put the Bible into a language that has never had it!

Serve Short-Term – You can take part in a short-term, volunteer experience that could really boost the progress being made towards Bible translation in a specific project.

Motivate Your Church – You can motivate, inspire, and involve your church in lots of ways that will help facilitate Bible translation and literacy such as adopting a language project as their main outreach focus or organizing a special Sunday service.

There could be work already going on in your language. SIL’s Ethnologue gives a complete picture of language work going on around the world. Contact Us if you would like to work on a translation project in your language or if you want to find out more.

Choose a way that interests your church:

Adopt a Project – Perhaps one of our translation projects would interest your church. Contact Us for more information about financially or prayerfully supporting a project. All of our projects need people to take an interest in them.

Serve Short-Term – Your church could coordinate a group of volunteers to visit a project and help with its needs.

Prayer – Your church could start a prayer group centered on a specific language group without the Bible. Contact Us if you have an interest in a specific project, and we can try to connect you to it.

There is no one simple way to be sure of God’s will, but the Lord can use many things to give you an assurance of his direction.

  • Make it a matter of earnest, continuing prayer. Why not set aside a day of prayer when you can be alone with him
  • Seek the advice of your church leaders and other mature Christians who know you well.
  • Get all the information you can on what is involved in Bible translation.
  • Serve in a short-term Bible translation internship. This will help you understand what is involved and whether God has gifted you for it.

Wycliffe Africa can use you! We are looking for people who can work in finance, administration, management, IT, teaching, and of course language work. Administrative positions are mostly based in Nairobi, Kenya. Again, people working for Wycliffe Africa in any position must raise their own financial support but don’t let this stop you from inquiring. God has provided for thousands of Wycliffe missionaries worldwide for six decades. He is able! For the qualifications of each job, check out Staff Needed.