Preliminary Questionnaire

We adhere to the following truths:

We want to help you get to know us better and to take a look at where you are heading in relation to participating in Bible translation. Please take time to read and think about the following.

About Our People

Wycliffe members come from many different national, ethnic and denominational backgrounds. Our common beliefs and the ability to work with one another are what keep us heading together toward our common goal.


Our Goal

Wycliffe Africa, in partnership with churches, exists to recruit and equip African Christians for the task of Bible translation in Africa. Our goal is to translate the Bible into every African language without Scripture.

What Wycliffe believes:

  • The divine inspiration and consequent authority of the whole canonical Scriptures.
  • The doctrine of the Trinity.
  • The fall of man, his consequent moral depravity and his need of regeneration.
  • The atonement through the substitutionary death of Christ.
  • The doctrine of justification by faith.
  • The resurrection of the body, both in the case of the just and of the unjust.
  • The eternal life of the saved and the eternal punishment of the lost.

Questions to ask yourself:

Wycliffe is not looking for perfect people. However, we do want you to be successful personally and effectively in meeting Wycliffe’s goals. Experience has shown that people who can answer “Yes” to most of the following questions will be more likely to have positive missions experience with us.

The Role of the Church:

  • God wants everyone to have the opportunity to enter into eternal life through Jesus Christ, regardless of background or location.
  • God works through his Church to accomplish this, as the Holy Spirit empowers and directs members of the body to reach out to the world.
  • Each local church fellowship shares responsibility for the whole world, as well as its own locality, and all believers should be concerned about God’s worldwide purposes.
  • Local church leadership is responsible for the nurture of believers in its care, including pastoral guidance, the identification and confirmation of God’s call to individuals, and oversight of their training and equipping for service.


Am I a Christian who has a growing relationship with the Lord?
Do I have a working knowledge of the Bible?
Am I actively involved in a local church?
Does my behaviour reflect my commitment to sexual purity and personal holiness?
Do I agree with What Wycliffe Believes?
Can I work in harmony with those who differ from me on points of doctrine?



If single, am I comfortable with the idea of mission involvement as a single person?
If married, do I have a healthy and satisfying marriage?
If a parent, do I have a positive, healthy relationship with my children?



Do I have a skill that could be used in Wycliffe or am I interested in being trained for Bible translation, literacy or linguistics?
Have I had successful work experience?
Do I feel I could learn to train others?



Are my finances in good order?
Can I trust God each month to provide for my financial needs through churches and friends?


Physical Health

Knowing that I may encounter different standards of hygiene and unfamiliar diseases and illnesses, will I be able to maintain my health?
Many of our jobs have significant physical requirements. Do I feel I can perform under such conditions?


Emotional Health

Do I think I could be resilient and adapt well in areas of the world that are dangerous, stressful, and full of changes?
Cross-cultural living brings discouragement as well as joy. Could I maintain a positive outlook on life?
Am I able to be flexible?



Is my church supportive of my desire to work with Wycliffe?
Do I have the ability to form friendships?
Would co-workers say that they enjoy working with me?
Am I a team player?
Can I willingly follow leadership and supervision?

If you are in agreement with what Wycliffe believes and answered “Yes” to most of these, we encourage you to complete and return the questionnaire.