Application Process



Enlist Your Church to Help.

If people are to go, they need to be sent. Members need to be commissioned for this ministry by their church. Your church needs to recognise that God is calling you into his service, commit itself to regular prayer for you, accept responsibility for your long-term pastoral care, and make some contribution to your financial support. Share your belief that God wants you to be part of the Bible translation team with your pastor, church leaders, and Christian friends. Seek their counsel and prayer. If the church leadership is in agreement and your conviction of God’s leading continues to grow, you will continue with the next step below.


Explore Avenues of Service with Wycliffe Africa.

After your Preliminary Questionnaire is received, Wycliffe Africa will be in contact with you to explore possible avenues of service and to hold a face-to-face meeting between you, the church leadership, and Wycliffe Africa staff.


Take an Introductory Course.

Those applying as language personnel take an introductory course which will give an assessment of their linguistic abilities and help them gain an understanding of the work.


Complete the Formal Application.

If both Wycliffe, the applicant, and the church leadership are happy to proceed, application papers will be issued. Formal church commendation is a requirement of the application process.


Continue Solidifying Your Church’s Role.

A Wycliffe representative will meet with the church leadership to agree on the applicant’s calling and to discuss any matters of mutual concern such as:

  • The applicant’s spiritual readiness, maturity, and call to service.
  • The church’s responsibility for care, prayer, and ongoing pastoral and financial support.
  • Wycliffe policies and practices.


Complete Further Requirements.

References need to be submitted, and a medical examination is required. General Wycliffe orientation will be given, and several interviews conducted.


Receive Acceptance from the Wycliffe Africa “Candidate Action Committee” (CAC).

Once all parts of the application are complete, the Wycliffe Africa CAC will consider the application for acceptance to membership. A church representative from the applicant’s home church may meet with the CAC, in order to participate in the discussions and decisions.